Accommodations in Bend, Oregon

Ameritel Inns
This hotel is in a very lovely area only 15 minutes from the wedding venue. It is located near the Old Mill shopping center, within walking distance of the Deschutes river.

There is a Bonnie Rait concert in town that night and the hotel is right next to the venue, so it might be difficult to find a room here.

Other hotel options can be found at the Visit Bend website. The Towneplace Suites, the Fairfield, the Phoenix Inn, or the Riverhouse are all nice hotels. Bend is a small city, so no hotel is going to be more than 15-20 minutes from the wedding venue. Make sure to check out their websites or, as some hotels are much nicer than others.

Accommodation can also be found in Sunriver, OR.

Sunriver is a wonderful little resort community with pools, golf courses, a lodge, horseback riding, and bike trails. Sunriver is located 20 minutes south of Bend on Hwy 97, so it's about 40-45 minutes to drive to Sunriver from the main airport, Bend/Redmond Municipal (RDM) .

Houses to rent can be found at Discover Sunriver. If you decide to go this route, I would advise renting a house in the northern part of Sunriver. When searching the website, specify near the North Pool, the Mavericks fitness center, the Woodlands golf course or Fort Rock Park. Houses are a good idea for large groups of people such as families or raucous college grads who would be willing to share.

NOTE: There is a 10% discount (or the 4th night free) if you call for a vacation rental house in Sunriver. Ask for Jackie Hunt and say you are calling about the Krause Wedding. She will be able to explain this discount further.

Most of the houses that are available for Labor Day weekend require a 3-night minimum, however, Jackie Hunt may be able to find a smaller house that would be able to be rented for fewer nights.

Other Hotels in the Area:
There are many other options in Bend and most of them are very nice, standard hotels. Please don't hesitate to contact Ellen (541-350-4914) if you have any questions about the location or the quality of any other hotels in Bend or the surrounding area.

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